How To Make EASY Money Making DuckTape Wallets [TUTORIAL]

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This is a re-upload, my last vid got copyrighted. Whats up everyone! Here’s another way for kids and teens to make money. i started doing this in elementary school up to highschool and it’s made me a lot of money. It’s something anyone can do, and it’s not as risky as selling candy in school. Ducktape wallets are easy to make and you can sell them from anywhere between $5-10 dollars at school. I also use to make a bunch of other stuff made out of ducktape like braclets, folders, backpacks, and bulls whips (just for fun). Let me know what other videos you guys want to see.
Here’s everything u’ll need:
Cutting Mat:
Backup Links: ,

Cutting Knife:
backup links: ,

Steel Ruler:
Plastic Ruler:

Black Ducktape: ,
White Ducktape:
Blue Ducktape:
Red Ducktape:
Purple Ducktape:
Pink Ducktape: