Scrap metal – How to make money Scraping & Recycling Metal , Tricks and Tips

How to make money with Scrap Metal , Tricks and Tips from the Recycling Brothers

Me and my little brother decided to make a Video about scrapping Metal and give some tricks and Tips on how to make extra money. All this while we are actually doing a Metal run. See what we find and how easy and simple it is!

We do this 5 days a week and always on the go.

Feel free to ask questions and comments 🙂

We enjoy scrapping metal and I’ve been doing this since I got laid-off work last year.

My Brother Luc is a Tree Climber by trade, and recycles with me after work when he gets contracts.

Hope you enjoy the video, there will be more to come! 🙂

In the next couples weeks we will show you how to clean Copper , Brass , Aluminium and other precious metals and take you on are fun metal scrapping runs 🙂

Edit: This load gave us 165$ canadian.