Oldschool Runescape – Rebuilding Guide | Medium/High Levels | Money Making Guide

Hey everyone! I have been asked how to rebuild by a lot of people lately, so I thought I would make a guide! I understand there are TONS of different methods that could be used, but these are by far the best ways to get started. Keep in mind these are PvM methods, obviously you can get lucky staking and make more money faster. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the video or found it helpful, if you did feel free to leave a like!

00:48 – Getting Started (Don’t skip)
5:59 – Wyverns Setup / Requirements
6:59 – Barrows Setup / Requirements (Iban’s blast / Black salamander methods shown)
9:29 – Wyverns Trip Walkthrough
13:07 – Iban’s Blast Barrows Walkthrough
16:42 – Black Salamander Barrows Setup
17:59 – Green Dragons Setup

Guides for Reference :
High lvl Barrows (Black Salamander) :

Low lvl Barrows :

Wyverns :