Guide: Plants vs Zombies Easy Money Making

A quick guide on how to ~10 minutes make 8-10k gold depending on your luck. I like this strategy because it only requires 9 seed slots instead of 10 and only 2 of the seeds from the shop the Gloom Shroom and the Gold Magnet. For those who doubt the Gold Magnet I have tried this without it and it just took way too much clicking.

Seeds Required:
1) Garlic
2) Fume Shroom
3) Gloom Shroom
4) Magnet Shroom
5) Gold Magnet (doesnt need a coffee bean)
6) Coffee bean
7) Pumpkin
8) Lily Pad
9) Marigold

Setup: Final Fantasy Tactics – Team Formation
Battle: Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brains

Hopefully this helps