15 Things Poor People Don’t Know About Making Money

15 Things Poor People Don’t Know About Making Money | Sunday Motivation
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What are some things poor people don’t know about making money?
What don’t the poor know about money?
What do the rich know that poor people don’t?
Why are poor people staying poor?
How to escape poverty?
What are some differences between poor people and rich people?
How to make money as a poor person?
How to stop being poor?
How to make more money?
Why are some people bad at making money?
Why can’t I hold onto money?
How much should I invest?
How to stop wasting money?
How to develop my financial portfolio?
What is the best money making video on YouTube?
Why is it so hard for some people to make money, yet so easy for others?
Why is making money so difficult?
Why do poor people stay poor?
How to build passive income when you’re poor?
What are dividend paying stock?

00:00 – Intro
00:54 – You can pay little to no money in tax if you start a business
02:05 – Making money is about system solving, not working hard
03:51 – Make money while you sleep or you will never be rich
04:56 – It takes the same amount of effort to make $50,000 or $1 Million
06:10 – Ideas are worthless without extended execution
07:39 – Instead of cutting down costs, focus on increasing income
08:43 – $100 in passive income is worth more than $1000 of worked income
10:47 – Over 50% of your income should go towards investments
13:09 – $1 Million dollars per year isn’t a lot of money
15:36 – A wall gets built brick by brick – same is wealth
19:08 – Never borrow money that doesn’t go towards making more money
21:22 – You earn in proportion to your ability to use the tools you have at your disposal
23:19 – Keeping money is harder than Making Money
24:48 – Business-People hire Good-Professionals to make them rich
26:43 – You need at least 3 Income Streams to feel safe
28:37 – Question

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